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UCLA Bruin Underground Scholars Program

The Bruin Underground Scholars supports building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. By creating a pathway for formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education, we directly challenge the stigmas associated with our community. By supporting a prison-to-school pipeline, the Bruin Underground Scholars Program cultivates a healthy community and pathway for formerly incarcerated and system impacted people to thrive in higher education.

Our History

Although students affected by incarceration have walked on our campus in the past, righteous efforts have not existed to properly support them. In 2016, several students naturally gravitated towards one other because they all shared something in common--they had experienced some sort of incarceration in the past. They understood the importance of fostering a safe community space that would understand and uplift their lived experiences, and they created a student group called the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI). However, institutional programs still did not exist to properly support our students, and continuous student advocacy later led to the implementation of the Bruin Underground Scholars program.

Our Vision

The Bruin Underground Scholars envisions access, equity, and opportunities in higher education for all people, including those formerly and currently incarcerated.

Our Motto

Connect. Support. Achieve.

#EducationNotIncarceration #SchoolsNotPrisons

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